Pittsburgh, PA


Core technologies: Speech recognition (SR)

Scope: Specialized (SPC)

System: Cloud-based (CLD)


  • Acusis has a range of technology-driven clinical documentation services for health systems, hospitals, large clinics, and physician practices, including a number of dictation capture solutions.
  • Acusis Physician Productivity solutions are a set of speech recognition tools that simplify a physician’s use of the clinical documentation workflow.
  • Acusis Physician Productivity is a cloud-based service allowing physicians to use speech recognition to create patient notes.
  • The solution also allows interaction with Electronic Health Record software using voice inputs.
  • There is no up-front training time required to get started and no installation required.

Delving Deeper

Among their clinical documentation solutions, Acusis offers a wide variety of dictation capture solutions. AcuMobile, the company’s iPhone/iPad /iPod-based application, works over mobile networks and Wi-Fi. The company’s One-Touch dictation supports physicians while dictating. AcuSuite has the capability to capture audio from a wide variety of dictation sources generally used in the hospital facility. Customers can choose any method to drop dictations into Acusis for transcription.

The speech recognition tools use data-driven processes with an end goal of eliminating errors in the transcribed documents. The company claims to ensure above 98% accuracy with the help of tools and processes based on quality-control methodologies. The transcription process includes online editing for quality control purposes, rather than offline quality assurance.