Campbell, CA

Core technologies: Speech recognition (SR), Speech synthesis (TTS), Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Scope: Specialized (SPC)

System: Cloud-based (CLD), Edge


  • Aiqudo’s Voice to Actions platform Q provides a mobile phone app that is a shortcut to other mobile phone apps, including speech interaction and visual options.
  • By saying “show my actions” and available actions on other applications will be shown.
  • Aiqudo supports 12 global markets in 7 languages, with more planned.
  • Partners can integrate the technology by using the Q Action Kit (SDK), which allows many functions to be performed on-device.
  • Aiqudo is collaborating with Sensory to incorporate their on-device wake-word and other technologies with Aiqudo’s solution.

Delving Deeper

Aiqudo’s Voice to Actions platform Q adds voice command access to mobile apps such as Facebook, Instagram, or Uber. It also display options visually on the smartphone screen. The company’s Contextual Discovery Engine understands user intent by analyzing the spectrum of variations for a command, e.g., “I need a ride to the airport,” “get me a cab to SFO,” or “book me a taxi to SFO long term parking.” Then, Command Matching maps based on machine learning translates user intent to an Action in an existing application and executes it in the user’s preferred app – in this example, Lyft or Uber. In other examples, a user can send a notification to a friend with the right messaging app, or use E*TRADE to get a stock quote. Action discovery simply requires saying “show my actions.”

Using App Analysis, Aiqudo has built a Voice-to-Action Index, an independent repository of app actions and commands. Executing an Action does not require authentication credentials or registration, as with other assistant platforms. Personal information remains in the app that the user entrusted it to. Aiqudo supports 12 global markets in 7 languages. Partners integrate the technology by using the Q Action Kit (SDK).

Aiqudo is collaborating with Sensory, which provides on-device wake-up words and embedded speech recognition, to bring to market comprehensive voice solutions that serve as white-label alternatives for voice services and assistants. Aiqudo and Sensory will deliver a fully integrated end-to-end solution that combines Sensory’s wake word, voice biometrics and natural language recognition technologies with Aiqudo’s multilingual intent understanding and action execution. The two companies are working on solutions targeting automotive, mobile app, smart home and wearable device applications.