Alan AI

Sunnyvale, CA

Enterprise applications: Interfacing with enterprise software (ES)

Scope: Full

System: Cloud-based (CLD)


  • The cloud-based Alan Conversational Voice Platform lets mobile employees talk to existing applications to complete tasks and navigate workflows, even while driving or carrying equipment, by adding a voice assistant to an existing application.
  • Mobile employees can quickly enter data with conversational voice as well as access data.
  • Existing manuals, business processes, and compliance documentation are automatically voice-enabled in the mobile application.

Delving Deeper

Alan AI’s Conversational Voice Platform is designed for employees, to make their use of enterprise applications more efficient, complete, and accurate. Existing applications can be accessed through a secure cloud connection through Alan’s conversational system, supporting voice commands that synchronize with a application’s existing user interface. The platform provides a multimodal experience, incorporating a visual component as well as dialog. Alan AI says that only a company has access to its data despite using a cloud system, since the data is encrypted in transit and while at rest.

Analytics and active and supervised learning modules make it possible to go live in days, according to Alan AI. Intents are written in JavaScript and can be deployed to an app quickly. The technology creates and dynamically updates a domain language model based on the unique terms in an app automatically.