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Westford, MA

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Customer Service: Call center automation (CCA), Chatbots on web sites (BOT), Mobile apps (MBL), Agent support (AS), messaging applications (MES)


Scope: Full

System: Cloud-based (CLD), On-Premises (PRM), Agent


  • Aspect’s core business is platforms supporting full customer service, including agents.
  • The capabilities of those platforms include automated services, and those automated services include some that use natural language processing.
  • The platform is available in cloud, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and on-premise environments.
  • The company’s “digital self-service” involves the use of a text-based communications channel—like SMS, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, or web chat—to provide customer service using natural language.
  • Omni-channel support allows designing once and deploying through multiple channels.
  • Aspect’s IVR platform supports VoiceXML for simple voice interaction and includes text-to-speech.
  • The IVR platform includes support for third-party ASR and TTS engines via MRCP v1 and v2 (Nuance, LumenVox, Verbio and others).
  • Analytics software creates a range of reports on customer service performance.

Delving Deeper

Aspect’s “digital self-service” supports customer service through text-based communications channels—e.g., SMS, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, or web chat. It can integrate with the contact center to offer agent backup. Self-service Interactive Text Response (ITR) dialogues can be initiated by a customer inquiry, or by an outbound notification from a company. They may be simple and directed, or may involve the use of natural language understanding (NLU). NLU facilitates open-ended, more natural automated conversations through chatbots.

The digital self-service capabilities that are a part of Aspect’s CX Automated Agent solution. The platform automates activities such as changing appointment times or paying bills.

The Aspect CXP Pro package combines Aspect CXP, an application lifecycle management platform, with Aspect’s IVR platform, Aspect Prophecy, for the delivery of IVR and call control applications. Aspect Prophecy includes supports VoiceXML, a standard for simple voice interactions, with CCXML call control. It includes built-in TTS voices for US English, US Spanish and several other languages. The IVR platform includes support for third-party ASR and TTS engines via MRCP v1 and v2 (Nuance, LumenVox, Verbio and others).

Aspect CX platform includes CX Designer. It provides a web-based interface that lets users design, implement, and deploy customer contact applications across multiple communication channels including IVR, chatbots, mobile web, and more. With “simple” and “advanced” mode settings, it caters both to occasional users and to power users.

Aspect indicates that its analytics offerings allow choosing from over 50 out-of-the-box reports or custom reporting to understand performance on key business, operational, and application performance indicators.