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Scope: Full

System: Cloud-based (CLD), On-Premises (PRM), Hybrid (HYB)


  • The company’s Calabrio One solution Calabrio ONE integrates a workforce optimization suite, including capturing every customer interaction across all channels. 
  •  with voice-of-the-customer analytics tools.
  • Calabrio One can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment.
  • Speech, desktop and text analytics help understand the intelligence in a contact center by transforming customer interactions into usable data, including key trends.
  • The company indicates that workforce optimization solutions, like the Calabrio ONE suite, can make it easier to manage contact tracing operations during the COVID-19 crisis.

Delving Deeper

Calabrio’s customer engagement recording supports speech analytics and text analytics tools across every channel. For example, they can improve the customer experience by identify customer friction points through the monitoring of interaction trends—from product or service delivery issues to snags in contact center processes. Desktop analytics can discover where agents get hung up and provide best-practices instruction to mitigate risk.

In a company document, Calabrio summarizes the Top 10 Use Cases of Contact Center Analytics:

  1. Increasing First Contact Resolution (FCR)
  2. Increasing Customer Satisfaction
  3. Escalation Management
  4. Compliance & Risk Mitigation
  5. Technology Evaluation
  6. Improving Cross-Sell & Upsell
  7. Competitive Intelligence
  8. Evaluating Marketing Campaign Impact
  9. Optimizing Inventory & Supply Chain
  10. Increasing Agent Engagement.