Pittsburgh, PA



Core technologies: Speech synthesis (TTS)

Scope: Specialized (SPC)

System: On-Premises (PRM), Edge


Cepstral provides standard text-to-speech voices for us in customer service or other operations that require speaking text to a customer.§ Cepstral TTS can be used in telephone and mobile systems and to voice-enable devices.

Delving Deeper

Cepstral Telephony 6 delivers converts text-to-speech to provide a voice for telephony applications. Cepstral Telephony runs on all major operating systems and is compliant with Industry Standards like MRCP v1 and v2, and VoiceXML.

With Cepstral Telephony 6 you can:§ Automatically deliver information to the caller in real time.§ Automate more calls to free up operators so they can concentrate on advanced questions.§ Recite menu prompts and options in a professional sounding voice instead of using an employee or hiring a high-priced voice talent agency.

Cepstral “Personal voices” lets an individual have emails or documents on a PC read as voices.