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Device and equipment control: Automobiles

Scope: Full

System: Cloud-based (CLD), Edge


  • Cerence provides voice solutions for vehicles.
  • Cerence Drive delivers automotive and mobility voice assistants, including automotive-grade products, services, and toolkits for car makers.
  • Cerence ARK Assistant provides a ready-to-go assistant for mainstream vehicles.
  • Cerence Cognitive Arbitrator lets the automotive assistant fold users’ preferred third-party AI into each car’s scope of service.
  • Cerence Studio is a web-based developer platform that allows OEMs and their technology partners to design and develop custom voice domains, creating their own branded experience for drivers.
  • Cerence Studio provides a development environment that includes speech recognition designed for the vehicle environment and natural language understanding.

Delving Deeper

Cerence provides automotive and mobility voice assistants internationally, supporting over 25 languages. Cerence Drive is the company’s automotive-grade portfolio of products, services, and toolkits that create in-car experiences for the car makers around the world. The tools understand individual preferences, personalize entertainment, and execute complex contextual commands. For example, the voice assistants can find preferred parking, play users’ favorite songs, direct them to the best-priced gas stations, and turn up the voices they need to hear while muting the ones they don’t. Cerence supports automakers with capabilities intended to maximize the safety, productivity, and enjoyment of customer journeys while elevating the identity of each unique brand.

Cerence ARK Assistant is an option for quick deployment, a ready-to-go assistant for mainstream vehicles. A turnkey product, it combines in-car technology and cloud services to help OEMs cut the time it takes to create an automotive voice assistant.

From smartphones to smart homes to services at work and beyond, today’s drivers connect with an expanding variety of IoT devices and voice-enabled assistants. The Cerence Cognitive Arbitrator lets an automotive assistant fold users’ preferred third-party AI into each car’s scope of service.

Cerence Studio is the company’s development environment. Technologies include speech recognition, natural language processing, natural language generation, text-to-speech, and dialog systems. If a driver wants to hear ‘80s music or find out if it’s raining next weekend in Cincinnati, he or she doesn’t have to ask the system to shift to a streaming service or to weather.

Cerence Studio’s auto-specific language models are based on billions of end-user interactions, the company indicates. Cerence Studio goes beyond the core technologies to allow developers to manage the lifecycle of a project.