North Kansas City, MO

Enterprise applications: Interfacing with enterprise software (ES)

Scope: Full

System: Mobile


  • Cerner works at the intersection of health care and information technology.
  • Cerner solutions support the clinical, financial and operational areas of a hospital or health system.
  • Cerner solutions includes speech recognition technology to support clinician documentation using Amazon Transcribe Medical’s transcription API.

Delving Deeper

Cerner is a major provider of Electronic Health Record systems.

 Amazon Web Services provides Amazon Transcribe Medical, a speech recognition service that transcribes clinician and patient speech into text. Using this technology, Cerner provides clinicians with a tool to document the details of a patient visit on a mobile device by voice dictation.

The tool helps physicians document more efficiently, integrating medical transcriptions into EHRs or applications. The service also includes transcribing conversations with patients into text and is said to use proper capitalization and punctuation.