Creative Virtual

London, UK

+44 (0)20 7719 8332

Customer Service: Call center automation (CCA), Chatbots on web sites (BOT), Through the general personal assistants (GPA), Mobile apps (MBL), Agent support (AS)

Enterprise applications: Human Resources support (HR)


Scope: Full

System: Cloud-based (CLD), On-Premises (PRM)


  • Creative Virtual’s V-Person multi-lingual conversational platform combines humans and artificial intelligence to enable customer and employee engagement, available in the cloud or on-premise.
  • The company’s platform supports virtual agent and chatbot solutions for multiple channels, including versions for web sites, live chat, mobile, social media, messaging apps, voice, IVR, smart speakers, kiosks, agent support in contact centers, HR, and enterprise service desks.
  • The platform supports knowledge management for personalization and providing answers.
  • Creative Virtual’s V-Portal orchestration platform includes a natural language engine that is integrated with knowledge management software, with the natural language engine discovering customer intent and retrieving information from the knowledge management system.
  • A hybrid approach combines human curation of content, feedback loops, semantic matching, statistical self-learning, neural networks, and user surveys.
  • V-Person virtual agents and chatbots can integrate with any voice technology including the speech recognition technology from Swiss company Spitch, one of Creative Virtual’s partners.
  • The system includes reporting and analytics.

    Delving Deeper

Creative Virtual’s suite of products includes:

  • V-Person – virtual agent/chatbot technology
    • Can be deployed across any channel, including: web, mobile, social media, messaging apps, voice, IVR, smart speakers, kiosks, contact center, HR, service desk
    • Flexible integration options and unlimited customization by channel, product, business unit, user profile and device (including voice and contact center)
    • Hybrid approach of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning for continuous improvement
    • Over 35 languages available
    • Options for hosting on-premise, in the cloud, and in a private cloud
  • V-Person Live Chat – live chat technology
    • Integrated with V-Person virtual agent technology for a seamless customer experience and better agent support
    • Unique feedback loop allows live chat agents to help improve the virtual agent
  • V-Portal orchestration platform – Knowledge management, workflow management and business intelligence platform underpinning V-Person virtual agent/chatbot and live chat implementations and providing a single place to:
    • Bring together content sources
    • Manage the intents
    • Blend together NLP, human curation of content, AI, and machine comprehension
    • Create conversations with customers and employees across touchpoints in a seamless, personalized way and at large scale

V-Person solutions are deployed in a wide range of use cases to support customers, employees and contact center agents across industry sectors. This includes: general customer service and support; personalized support for logged-in customers; customized support and training for live agents in the contact center; internal service desk and IT support; employee on-boarding support; HR support for employees; general and in-branch staff support and training.