DSP Group

San Jose, CA


Core technologies: Speech enhancement

Scope: Specialized (SPC)

System: Edge


  • DSP Group provides chipset solutions for converged communications, including making wireless connections.
  • Their products add specialized capabilities to “edge” devices, such as products for mobile, home, and enterprise environments.
  • The company’s chip providing mobile voice enhancement (HDClear) reduces background noise to improve speech recognition.

Delving Deeper

DSP Group, Inc. is a global provider of chipset solutions for converged communications, providing a broad portfolio of wireless chipsets. Complementing DSP Group’s traditional wireless offerings, the company’s solutions for mobile voice enhancement (HDClear), home automation and security (ULE), and enterprise telephony (VoIP) support products in both voice processing and converged communications.

The option most relevant to this website is its HDClear voice processing chip that reduces background noise and improves speech recognition. The company does not directly offer speech recognition, but provides a chipset that improves speech recognition in devices. HDClear is a on-device solution for mobile and wearable devices, bringing a better user experience to voice communications, command and activation with low power consumption.