Grid Dynamics

San Ramon, CA

(650) 523-5000

Customer Service: Call center automation (CCA), Chatbots on web sites (BOT), Mobile apps (MBL), Agent support (AS), messaging applications (MES)

Scope: Full

System: Cloud-based (CLD), On-Premises (PRM)


  • Grid Dynamics offers “close collaboration from digital transformation consulting to early prototypes to enterprise-scale delivery of new digital platforms.”
  • The company provides support in developing conversational systems using speech recognition and natural language processing.
  • Grid Genie is the company’s conversational platform for e-commerce. It contains a dialog manager, a set of open-source components and technologies, and NLP and search technology.
  • Grid Genie’s dialog writing and testing tools allow creating dialogs in a text editor to be automatically converted to a dialog system, allowing user experience writers to improve dialogs without developers.

    Delving Deeper

Headquartered in Silicon Valley with over 1,200 technologists located in engineering delivery centers throughout the US and Central and Eastern Europe, Grid Dynamics has architected and delivered large digital transformation programs in the retail, technology, and financial sectors. The company’s services are broad, and this summary only digs into those most related to bots and assistants.

The company supports developing applications that include speech recognition and NLP. Natural Language Generation (NLG) is also supported to give answers from databases such as Frequently Asked Questions.

NLG allows converting the predicted response into natural language. It can produce different response formats (text, SSML, images, …) depending on channels and device type: voice only, large or small display, chatbot, and more.

Grid Genie, the company’s conversational platform for e-commerce, has a dialog manager that supports a branched dialog to understand the user’s intent, discuss preferences and features, and describe recommended products. NLP models are used to solve tasks like Intent and Entity extraction. The company indicates it uses various transfer learning techniques to adapt a solution to new domains.Grid Genie is an omnichannel platform. Customers can, for example, ask an Alexa device a question and get their response via Facebook Messenger.

Grid Genie’s dialog writing and testing tools allow creating dialogs in a text editor. The dialogs are automatically compiled and deployed, allowing writers to improve dialogs without developers.The company provides a demonstration of Grid Genie, Camera Genie for a customer interested in buying a camera, accessible through Amazon’s Alexa. Just say, “Alexa, open Camera Genie” to start a conversation with the Alexa skill.