Mumbai, India



Customer Service: Call center automation (CCA), Chatbots on web sites (BOT), Through the general personal assistants (GPA), Mobile apps (MBL), Messaging applications (MES)


Scope: Full

System: Cloud-based (CLD)


  • Haptik builds cloud-based Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) for customer care and commerce.
  • The commerce option includes a recommendation engine using a Knowledge Graph.
  • In addition to text chat, Haptik includes a voice option for web, telephony, and smart speakers.
  • Haptik IVAs can route queries to agents and integrate with CRMs.
  • The technology is said to go beyond basic queries. It includes an omni-channel dialog builder tool.
  • The company features retail/e-commerce, financial services, travel & hospitality, and telecom.
  • Haptik cites its IVAs through WhatsApp, enabling customer care and conversational commerce for over a billion users of the app.
  • The company provides an analytics dashboard.

Delving Deeper

Haptik builds cloud-based Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) that can support chat or voice interactions.  The IVAs support customer care and commerce, including helping customers find the product model they want. An intent-based recommendation engine helps automatically match user requirements with a product catalog, product descriptions, customer reviews and other historical data to offer relevant buying guidance and increase conversions.

Customer care chat is available for a company’s website, mobile app and messaging channels. Haptik indicates it supports over a billion users of WhatsApp, the popular messaging application.

Bot Builder is Haptik’s tool for making bots that communicates by natural-language voice or text. With Bot Builder, a developer can formulate different conversation flows. Bot Builder provides a framework and components to build a bot.

Haptik’s Natural Language Processing engine was built using more than 3 billion consumer data points. It handles sales and customer care queries, includes intent and language detection with multilingual support, and supports a bot personality and tone that are adaptable to context.

An omni-channel dialog builder tool incudes native SDK integration for websites, Android, and iOS apps. It is compatible with third party chat and voice platforms. A Dialog Builder includes pre-defined templates.

A web interface supports intervention by human agents and monitoring conversations. An Analytics Dashboard delivers real-time conversation metrics to measure and improve AI accuracy.