Info for Vendors

Vendors–Editing or creating your page

Existing Pages

If you believe your page has inaccuracies or is incomplete, contact with the changes you want, and we will review them based on our editorial guidelines described below. Please review those policies.

New vendor listing

If your company is not listed, please provide your information using the vendor template, pasting it into a Word document. Provide the information in a Word document to Please review the editorial guidelines below. We will edit your submission based on those guidelines.

Editorial Guidelines

  • Please review summaries already on the web site for Bots & Assistants’ typical style and content. The best option is to copy and edit the vendor description template.
  • The categories we use are summarized on the Categories page.
  • Brevity is a major goal. The web site is designed to allow a quick assessment of a vendor’s offering to see if it fits a company’s goals.
  • Brevity includes a quick summary table of what services a company offers from the list of categories. Please check if the categories listed in your summary are correct and complete. Please do not suggest another category unless absolutely critical. Note that this web site focuses on those services that support directly or indirectly using human language (text or speech) with digital systems, with a particular emphasis on creating chatbots or virtual assistants, and does not attempt to list everything a company does. Any serious prospect will go to your web site, where you have full control of how you represent your company.
  • Check to see if the contact information is correct.
  • Marketing terms like “leading” will not be used. The vendor summary is not an advertisement.
  • The vendor summary is intended to provide highlights of a vendor’s services that will allow a company to decide if they want to go to the vendor’s web site or otherwise contact the vendor for more details, including cost. We will editorially resist simply expanding in more words what was said concisely.
  • Beyond specific text suggestions for the web site, provide explanations for the editor in your email if you believe it will clarify the changes you suggest.