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Customer Service: Call center automation (CCA), Chatbots on web sites (BOT)

Scope: Full

System: Cloud-based (CLD)


  • Interactions’ Intelligent Virtual Assistant, or IVA, provides automated customer care customized to an organization. All digital channels are supported, for text and voice interactions. The company says its omnichannel platform can handle conversations on any channel. This includes chat on web sites and calls to a call center.
  • The Interactions IVA, powered with Adaptive Understanding (AU), leverages a blend of AI and human understanding in real-time delivering unprecedented accuracy of customer intent. Additionally, AU provides a virtuous feedback loop for continuous tuning and training of the AI algorithm. 
  • Interactions’ “Curo” speech and language technology used in the IVAs includes speech recognition, Natural Language Processing, dialog management, and voice biometrics. The company indicates that this technology is based on machine learning and deep neural networks.
  • The company has specific experience in virtual assistants in specific industries, including telecommunications, finance and banking, healthcare, insurance, restaurants, retail & technology, travel and hospitality, and utilities.

Delving Deeper

Interactions’ Intelligent Virtual Assistant lets customers speak or text naturally and in their own words. Interactions Adaptive Understanding blends AI with human understanding in real-time to deliver conversational experiences across all voice and text-based customer care channels. When the NLP engine is not sufficiently confident that it has identified the right caller intent, the IVA automatically routes a short snippet of the audio to an “intent analyst” (IA) – a real person – who listens to the audio and determines the caller’s intent in real-time. Once the IA determines the intent, they immediately return control to the IVA so that it can continue to execute its business logic. IAs never engage with customers – their responses are always returned directly to the IVA.