Atlanta, GA



Customer Service: Call center automation (CCA), Chatbots on web sites (BOT), Mobile apps (MBL), Agent support (AS)

Scope: Full

System: Cloud-based (CLD), On-Premises (PRM)


  • Jacada’s Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) solution supports personalized conversational AI on voice or text channels using natural language processing and Robotic Process Automation.
  • Multichannel capabilities allow transition across channels.
  • Jacada can support visual interactions if a customer service call is from a mobile phone.
  • Jacada Interact supports development of IVAs.
  • Jacada also offers an agent support solution using contextually-aware conversational experiences.

    Delving Deeper

Jacada provides self-service and workforce engagement management solutions. Jacada’s contact center solutions bring together user experience design, real-time guidance and intelligent automation capabilities using customer service Robotic Process Automation.

Jacada Intelligent Assistant can assist customers with simple or complex customer service support and/or sales-related needs. Intelligent Assistant will engage customers and prospects on a voice or text channel. Natural language processing allows the Intelligent Assistant to understand the intent of the customer and guided flows help guide the conversation.

If the customer calls on a smartphone, they can enable the screen to allow visual support as well as voice. Included with Jacada Intelligent Assistant is the Jacada Interaction Platform, a cloud based or on-premises visual interaction designer. This is where you will train the natural language processing engine as well as build predefined flows for engaging customer experiences across any channel and device type.

Jacada’s Smart Agent Assistant is a chatbot that serves as a personal assistant to agents. The Agent Assistant automates entire processes by reaching back to the relevant systems, pulling and inserting relevant data, and following preconfigured workflows. Running autonomously or pausing at predefined checkpoints for the live agent to confirm and approve, the bot can complete tasks or entire processes on behalf of the customer service agent, perform data or process retrieval, apply data or processes where necessary, and answer questions that the agent or customer may have during a live interaction.