San Diego, CA


Core technologies: Speech recognition (SR), Speech synthesis (TTS), Speaker Recognition (SKR)

Scope: Specialized (SPC)

System: On-Premises (PRM)


  • LumenVox provides particular tools for enabling voice and other interactions rather than complete solutions.
  • Individual tools support speech recognition, text-to-speech synthesis, multifactor authentication, password reset, fraud detection, proof of life, and call progress analysis.
  • The tools are hosted on-premise with licensing fees.
  • Product support includes a speech tuner, a GUI-based tool that assists in speech application tuning, and a contact center extension that integrates the company’s voice biometric platform into a contact center, providing for IVR or agent-led authentication.

Delving Deeper

The LumenVox Automated Speech Recognizer (ASR) is a software solution that converts spoken audio into text. The Speech Recognizer compares spoken input to a list of phrases to be recognized (a “grammar”). The grammar is used to constrain the search, enabling the speech recognition software to return the text that represents the best match. This text is then used to drive the next steps of a speech-enabled applications. This approach is best used with a structured interaction similar to the steps in a touch-tone application (but with more flexibility), rather than a full natural language application.

Text-to-speech is available in many languages with a variety of male and female voices for each language.Voice biometrics authenticates a caller by their voice.

“Passive Authentication” authenticates the user as they interact with the live agent, IVR, or another self-service channel. “Active Authentication” makes the authentication an automated process early in the interaction. Voice biometrics can be supplemented by other authentication means for multi-factor authentication.