Milpitas, CA


Customer Service: Call center automation (CCA), Chatbots on web sites (BOT), through the general personal assistants (GPA), Mobile apps (MBL), Agent support (AS), messaging applications (MES)

Enterprise applications: Human Resources support (HR), Interfacing with enterprise software (ES)

Device and equipment control: Industrial equipment (IND)

Scope: Full

System: Cloud-based (CLD)


  • noHold says it has “created and maintained over 1300 Virtual Assistants in 19 years.”…“Our Virtual Assistants have helped fortune 500 companies provide better self-service to their customers and employees.”
  • The company’s cloud-based platform SICURA is designed for the enterprise to create Virtual Assistants. the company has provided virtual assistants in contact center, HR, support, sales, IT, marketing, legal, and training.
  • Application Programming Interfaces [API] or “connectors” allow SICURA to access information from different resources as well as integrate with various channels, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, Salesforce, and LIvePerson. The company will build custom connectors.
  • noHold Virtual Assistants can be connected to a device to diagnose issues or retrieve information, “essentially giving objects a voice.”

    Delving Deeper

noHold’s SICURA platform supports a large range of services, including natural language processing, an inference engine, connecting with other virtual assistants, multilingual services, logins and personalized content, a customizable user interface, escalation options, an optional avatar, and cross-selling and up-selling. The platform can identify gaps that need to be filled. An open Web Services API supports a multichannel experience. The company says that Implementing a Virtual Assistant is “as simple as adding a few lines of HTML to a web page.”