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Customer Service: Call Center Automation (CCA), Company digital assistants reached through general personal assistants (GPA), Agent Support (AS)

Enterprise Applications: Human Resources support (HR), Interfacing with enterprise software (ES)


Scope: Full

System: Cloud-based (CLD), On-Premises (PRM), Hybrid (HYB), Agent


  • Phonologies provides digital self-service platforms for contact center and enterprise process automation.
  • Out-of-the-box support for speech recognition, synthesized speech (including Google, Amazon, LumenVox, Nuance), and voice biometrics, NLP, and transcription through web APIs.
  • Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs) created using global standards for voice and telephony channels.
  • Deployed in the cloud or within an existing infrastructure.
  • Pre-configured apps, including Auto Attendant, Intelligent Virtual Agents, Visual IVR, Outbound & Dispatch, Prescription Refill IVR, Survey and Polling, Monitoring & Analytics, Appointment makers, and Card Payments.

Delving Deeper

Phonologies is a provider of digital self-service platforms to voice enable interactions and business processes for better customer care and improved operational efficiencies for contact centers and enterprises. Phonologies operates globally with customers in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Customers include a telecommunication company, a Fortune 500 company, and hundreds of Pharmacies. Phonologies has over 15 years of specific experience in deploying intelligent virtual assistants for healthcare & insurance, telecom, finance & banking, and utilities verticals.

For creation of intelligent virtual and self-service agents, Phonologies’ platform supports:

  • Most modern and open standards supporting interfacing with existing systems;
  • Speech recognition, synthesized speech (including Google, Amazon, LumenVox and Nuance), voice biometrics, natural language processing, and transcription through web APIs;
  • An optional visual interface (or Visual IVR) for callers using smart phones;
  • Intelligent routing to agents with a “bot-assisted” agent interactions;
  • Deployment in the cloud, within existing infrastructure or a in a hybrid environment.

Ready to deploy solutions include:

  • Intelligent Virtual Assistants with an intuitive conversational interface for callers to access enterprise applications and backend workflows.
  • Outbound & Dispatch systems for automatically calling users with personalized messages and notifications, service request updates and dispatch, or in case of emergencies.
  • A Comprehensive Prescription Refill IVR for self-service order tracking to automate doctor and patient communications with pharmacies.

The company’s analytics include analyzing and graphically viewing traffic on all self-service activities, including telecom infrastructure, with proactive monitoring and alerting.