Waltham, MA


Customer Service: Agent support (AS)


Scope: Specialized (SPC)

System: On-Premises (PRM)


  • CallMiner’s analytics engine Eureka analyzes customer interactions across all channels (including voice) to provide “actionable intelligence.” A dashboard allows visual review with spotlighting for attention.
  • Eureka is said to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology. Speech-to-text software provides call transcription, with speakers separated and customer & agent sentiment.
  • The analytics include root cause analysis, automated agent, scoring, and dialog and sentiment insights.
  • Eureka’s coaching function for agent performance includes performance optimization, role-based dashboards, and alerts with call detail.
  • Real-time monitoring includes real-time speech analytics, bypass of call recording, and supports immediate action.
  • CallMiner software includes real-time audio acquisition and capture, and co-exists with call recording.
  • The software can mask sensitive data through a redact function.
  • An API allows integration with corporate data sources.

Delving Deeper

CallMiner analytics software can analyze calls recorded in call centers in real time, and more. It can analyze and transcribe calls as they are occurring, independent of a call recording system.

Analyze is the analytics workbench for the CallMiner Eureka platform. Analyze presents scored performance, transcriptions tagged with sentiment, search and share, topic discovery and multichannel customer journey mapping

Eureka Coach supports performance optimization using speech analytics insight from every call, including targeted guidance and agent self-improvement. Role-based dashboards with automated performance scoring make it easy for supervisors to identify coaching moments and for agents to view their performance with drill down detail. Alerts notify agents for guidance with annotated call examples.

Alert functions taks advantage of SIPREC-enabled environments and other solutions to capture speaker-separated audio with call recording. Alerts generated from securely redacted transcribed data are immediately available via a REST-based API for insight and action.

Eureka Visualize adds graphical data exploration, discovery and presentation as an upgrade component for Eureka Analyze users.  Any data elements including voice, text and metadata within Eureka Analyze can be drag & dropped within Visualize dashboards.