New York, NY



Customer Service: Call center automation (CCA)

Scope: Full

System: Cloud-based (CLD)


  • Automated Voca Agents support “human-like” voice conversations with customers.
  • Voca Agents handle routine calls and otherwise execute seamless hand-overs to agents.
  • The technology handles both incoming calls and proactive outbound calls.
  • Options include automating general customer service, Debt Collection, Lead Qualification, and Surveys.
  • Vertical industries emphasized include banking, lending, telecommunication, and insurance.
  • Voca’s NLP technology is unusual in that it operates directly from speech without first converting the speech to text. The company claims this is more effective, since it allows using information contained in the prosody, tone or speed of conversation.
  • The technology learns from examples of existing recorded calls.
  • In May 2020, Voca was working with Carnegie Mellon University to gather data to see if COVID-19 could be diagnosed from voice samples.

Delving Deeper

Voca focuses on automating customer service, both inbound and outbound, with natural speech interaction. Their underlying technology is unusual, because, instead of converting the speech to text before applying NLP, they work directly from speech to intent. The company indicates that this avoids losing vital information contained in the prosody, tone or speed of conversation.

Machine learning is used to develop models converting the speech to intent and supporting a voice conversation. The machine learning is tuned from recordings of full customer service interactions with agents.

The company’s basic Virtual Agent can take care of most first line inquiries, decreasing long wait times. Normally, an IVR system provides a long list of items with scripted responses and predetermined outcomes. Voice AI can provide a more natural and efficient experience.

In standard customer service applications, Voca Agentscan help customers solve their issues. The interaction can range from a common technical problem to an information search. A company can customize the voice and conversational character of a Voca Agent to reflect specific corporate language. Voca Agents continually learn from human agents.

Voca for Surveys has the ability to understand nuances in voice that is lost in text. If someone is happy or annoyed, it is detected in their tone, a pause in the conversation or in the way they express emotion, such as a sigh.

Voca for Collections supports recovery of high-volume credit card and loan debt.