(A Facebook Company)

Palo Alto, CA


Core technologies: Natural Language Processing, Speech recognition

Scope: Specialized (SPC)

System: Cloud-based (CLD)


  • Wit provides both NLP and speech recognition as a service.
  • The service is cloud-based, accessed through an API.
  • Wit is free, including for commercial use. Heavy use may be an issue.
  • Wit NLP supports many languages, including English and languages not typically supported, such as Afrikaans, Sicilian, and Yiddish.
  • Wit speech recognition supports many languages, although less than NLP. It includes English, Chinese, and many European languages.
  • Wit emphasizes the use of their technology for providing voice interfaces for bots, mobile apps, home automation, wearable devices, and other hardware.

Delving Deeper

Wit provides free cloud-based Natural Language Processing and speech recognition. Applications they cite as being supported by their technology include:

  • Voice-based bots that humans can chat with on their preferred messaging platform.
  • Mobile apps with a voice interface providing a hands-free mobile experience while driving, working out, or cooking.
  • Home automation, such as controlling a connected thermostat by voice.
  • Wearable devices with tiny screens can have a voice interface.
  • Hardware with voice interfaces.

Examples of NLP interactions include “What’s the weather in Palo Alto?” and “Remind me to feed the baby tomorrow at 7AM.”

Wit supports many languages for NLP and speech recognition, see https://wit.ai/faq.

Wit doesn’t have a strict rate limit on the number of calls to the API. The company asked that they be contacted if you plan  a sustained rate of more than 1 request/sec.

Wit.ai complies with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. This means companies will be able to rely on the Privacy Shield Framework to meet EU data transfer requirements when they use Wit.ai. 

As part of the acquisition by Facebook, when a developer links a Facebook account with Wit.ai, all apps associated with the current GitHub account will be moved to a refreshed user interface associated with the Facebook account. After 12/30/2020, all developers will need to have a Facebook account to access Wit.ai.