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“Talking to Computers”

Dealing with computers and digital systems using human language is a rapidly maturing option. This web site, managed independently by TMA Associates president William Meisel, provides a guide to companies that can help you use that technology with automated “conversational” systems and in analyzing text or voice databases. A major part of this rapidly expanding option is through chatbots and digital assistants that provide intuitive automated connections to customers and employees. Dr. Meisel is a long-time independent industry analyst and consultant in this area and the author of Computer Intelligence.

Bots and Assistants

“Bots and assistants” is a summary description of products and services that support the use of human language (“natural language”)—through speech or texting—to interact with computers. The chatbots and digital assistants automate activities such as customer service or the internal company use of enterprise software. The technologies of speech recognition and natural language processing (NLP) upon which these assistants are based can also be used to analyze unstructured text or speech databases.

Applications include creating:
Customer service platforms that are more flexible and less frustrating than typical touch-tone IVR systems, including full automation or integration with agents;

Mobile apps that interact by text or voice to provide information or a service;

Chatbots for customer service or product information on web sites that work by text interaction, possibly with a voice option;

Company virtual assistants that are reached through the general digital assistants, such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Apple Siri;

– Automating internal company human resources support;- Making employee access to enterprise applications and data more efficient and intuitive;

– Specialized systems for controlling hardware, e.g., in a manufacturing environment;

-Extracting the implications of unstructured text or voice data (“big data”), such as call center recordings;

– Other specialized applications.

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About this site

(Under construction: This web site will grow quickly as companies are added and updated.)

The information on this site is provided as a free resource, assembled and screened by TMA Associates, with vendors invited to correct any errors or omissions, subject to site editorial decisions. The intent is to provide a much more efficient resource than a vendor’s web site to allow a company that is interested in these resources to quickly match their needs to potential sources and proceed to those sources for more details and options. There are currently no ads; if there are eventually ads, they will be so marked.

Vendors: If you are not represented or wish changes to your company summary, contact info (at) All requests are subject to editorial approval based on the Guidelines for Vendor Summaries.